An intelligent
crypto asset broker

Trading on all exchanges by one click,
sharing flow in-depth,
that could satisfy customers’need of hedging and speculation.

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Customers can trade crypto currency from all around the world via just one account, with VIP-grade discount to trading fees.


Customers can conveniently and instantly seize arbitrage opportunities among multiple exchanges and earn profits from cryptocurrency mispricing.


Customizable value-added service
is provided to
cover various wealth
management demands of

About Us

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Singapore, QuantBroker is an intelligent crypto asset broker, formerly a team focused on global hedging transactions and financial technology services. Research centers and operations teams have been established in Australia, Hong Kong to provide stable, efficient and quality services to global crypto asset investors.

Unlike traditional crypto asset trading platforms, QuantrBroke is a comprehensive crypto asset financial services platform. It relies on brokerage services and provides diversified value-added services based on cross-site one-stop transaction management, including: crypto asset CFDs, Crypto investment products and funds, quantitative trading tools,and trading strategy.


Drawing on the rules of traditional financial markets, combined with blockchain technology, QuantBroker provides crypto asset financial services for crypto asset investors, fully meeting the investment scenario needs of various crypto asset enthusiasts.

Cross-aggregation transaction

Integrate the spot and futures liquidity of different exchanges and trade across one button. Huobi, OkEx and Binance have been integrated.

Investment Banking Business

Consulting, financing, underwriting and sponsoring services are provided to foundations of blockchain projects.

CFD Market

Contracts for Difference
with attributes of high leverage
and unlimited liquidity can
satisfy customers’need of hedging andspeculation.

3rd Party OTC

Pure match mode combines off-exchange crypto currency exchange with crypto currency collection, in line with regulatory laws.


A platform for
crypto-asset funds custodied,
supervised and settled
by QuantBroker is provided for distribution and subscription.

Strategies Supermarket

Hundreds of effective trading strategies are offered to customers to select and subscribe.

Coin Financing

Consulting, financing,
underwriting and sponsoring
services are provided to
foundations of blockchain

News and Social Media

Latest news of cryptocurrency market will be pushed to customers. Online Community for investors to communicate trading ideas will be built.


QuantBroker's core team members are from world-renowned companies such as ING Group, HSBC Group, SAP Group of Germany, and Tencent. They have more than 10 years of work experience and are highly qualified personnel in the fields of artificial intelligence, technology, computer, finance and blockchain.

  • Michael is currently the vice president of

    the Australia China Business Council

    Queensland Chapter. In recent years, Michael

    expands his interest in blockchain technology

    and is focusing on blockchain applications

    into the property industry.


  • Bachelor of Engineering Mechanics, Master

    of Business Administration, Special Research

    Fellow, Hong Kong Blockchain Application and

    Investment Research Institute. She has

    participated in the development and

    management of many projects

    around the world.

Grace Feng

  • Practised as a Public Accountant for over 45

    years and has been a Principal in a firm for

    over 40 years. Now operates principally as a

    consultant to a numberof businesses

    including senior partner at ArmAccountants.

Robert Adcock

  • Bachelor of Computer Science and

    Information Technology, Queensland

    University of Technology.Worked in

    the Internet industry for 20 years

    and is mainly involved in the construction

    of games, small and medium-sized

    enterprises, and government websites.

Lionel Thomas


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QuantBroker have broken down barrier of the traditional trading platform. It is developed by a team, focused on global hedge trading and financial technology in a long-term,to meet the needs of crypto asset investors. QuantBroker team has accumulated strong risk control technology capabilities in the field of crypto asset trading, and will share depth and liquidity with global head exchanges. Because of the aggregation characteristics, it has the world's top crypto asset trading products, technologies, service capabilities and trading depth in early phase.

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QuantBroker is headquartered in Singapore. As the most intelligent crypto asset broker, customers can trade crypto currency from all around the world via just one account. By the original intelligent order routing algorithm, QuantBroker can enable efficient aggregation transactions, and offer optimal price when trading cross exchanges. With the help of core competitiveness in global hedging and financial technology, QuantBroker Hong Kong will take advantage of Hong Kong's status as an international financial center, to expand influence around the world.

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At present, Tagomi is the only crypto asset broker in the world. Along with crypto asset has become a popular choice for investment, the importance of crypto asset Broker has grown. QuantBroker starts from market demand, and makes up for gaps. Therefore, it attracts the attention of the preparatory group of the central bank's digital currency. QB has been included in the first batch of pilot target units of the central bank's digital currency. In addition, Professor Wang Hao and Professor Li Bo from the preparatory group of the central bank's digital currency have been included as senior advisors to escort the development of QB.

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